November 10, 2008

Southern Foodways Symposium, Day One

After arriving in Oxford, MS, things kicked off on the good foot at the Lyric Theatre with a sample of pickled eggs from Sean Brock of McCrady's (and assisted by Tyler Brown of the Capitol Grille).
After a quick beer at City Grocery (L&M's is now sadly closed, so there was no chicken liver to be had this year), we headed to dinner - the 'Salute To Encased Meats And Craft Beers.' Unfortunately, we were too busy stuffing our faces to get any photos of the dinner, but here's the menu:

Jim 'N Nick's Pork Hot Links with Pimento Cheese and Serrano Peppers

L&M's Alabama Venison and Tennessee Whiskey Sausage

Vaucresson's New Orleans Chaurice with Grits

Andouille and White Bean Casserole

Fried Apple Pies with Whipped Amish Cream

And I heard that the beer from Good People Brewing was good, but I never got away from the Yazoo table to find out...brewmaster Linus Hall was pretty lenient about letting me pour my own beers...