May 5, 2013

Mr. Biscuit

Tombstone BBQ - Park City, UT

One of our favorite things to eat in Park City - the Dr. Pepper short rib.


A couple of hours in Philadelphia left us enough time to wolf down some cheesesteaks at Pat's & Geno's...

Smitty's BBQ - Lockhart, TX

Absolutely flawless sausage at Smitty's in Lockhart.

Torchy's Tacos - Austin, TX

This was a first for us - the chicken & waffle taco. It also included bacon, maple syrup and a fried egg.

Hut's Hamburgers - Austin, TX

The classic sign outside Hut's in Austin.

Grand Central Oyster Bar - New York, NY

Grand Central Oyster Bar is a required stop any time we're taking a train from Grand Central Station...

Nightingale 9 - Brooklyn, NY

Our pals at Seersucker have opened their fantastic Vietnamese restaurant, Nightingale 9 just a few doors down...

Clarke's Standard - New York, NY

We're becoming big fans of the burger joint from the people at PJ Clarke's:

Montmartre - New York, NY

This is what you call great presentation - here's what you get when you order a Campari & Soda at Montmartre.

Mary's Fish Camp - New York, NY

Our standard order at Mary's Fish Camp is the lobster roll - but we may have found a new favorite - behold the clam roll.

North Georgia Signage

Faidley Seafood - Baltimore, MD

Our favorite stop when working anywhere near Baltimore - crab cakes & oysters please.

Moonlite BBQ - Owensboro, KY

While passing through Owensboro last week, we stopped in to Moonlite BBQ to make sure they're still serving the best mutton anywhere. They are.

Porky's Pit BBQ - Manchester, TN

The little shack in Manchester, TN known as Porky's Pit - turning out excellent pork sandwiches...

Jiffy Burger - Manchester, TN

We're excited to have found a new stop between Atlanta and Nashville - Jiffy Burger has been serving burgers in Manchester, Tennessee for 47 years. They open at 7:30am and are happy to serve you a burger with a side of biscuits and gravy for breakfast.

French Fry Po' Boy

Behold the french fry po' boy at The Crawfish Shack in Atlanta. Seafood boudin balls not too shabby either...