May 31, 2009

City House - Nashville, TN

I can't possibly remember everything they sent out at City House last night, but some highlights were (these may be completely wrong...I was happy to just eat what was put in front of me): pork liver terrine, beef heart, some sort of testicle I believe, deviled eggs with crispy pig's ear, clam pizza, bresaola pizza, sausage and kale, gnocchi with peas, pecorino & cauliflower pasta, buttermilk ice cream...
Clam pie:
Deviled eggs with pig's ear:

Kentucky Gin

We're excited about our newest booze discovery - Corsair Artisan Distillery. Produced in Bowling Green, KY, it's made only a few cases at a time, and every step of the process is done by hand. Great stuff.

May 30, 2009

Marche, Nashville, TN

This reuben marks one of the first times in history that the BLT wasn't the best thing on the table:

May 28, 2009

Miso Izakaya

Lobster from the new menu - debuting tonight - at Miso Izakaya in Inman Park, Atlanta. Did we mention they got their liquor license, and the beer list is definitely worth a look?

May 23, 2009

Indian Pass Raw Bar - Port St. Joe, FL

While initially heartbroken because they were 'out of oysters' (what?), it all worked out well today, as I was finally forced to try the crab legs. Solid!

The Oyster Bar - Dothan, AL

We never found out if they actually serve oysters at The Oyster Bar. Walking in, we sat down at the counter, only to find every one of the patrons having chili dogs. There were no menus in sight, so when the lady just asked us 'what would you like,' we did the smart thing and ordered a round of dogs. If they're good enough for 'Chris Watson,' so be it...

May 20, 2009

Steak 'n Shake Sliders

Seems that everybody's getting in on the slider game these's the 'chipotle shooter' from Steak 'n Shake. Definitely good, but how could you possibly beat the Double Steakburger?

Hotel San Jose - Austin, TX

We knew we were in the right place when we walked in to our room to find an autographed Buck Owens poster from Hatch Show Print on the wall. What's not to love about the Hotel San Jose? Eames chairs and concrete floors? Check. The largest collection of hipsters this side of Brooklyn in the courtyard bar? Check. Late-night outdoor screening of 'Teen Wolf Too?' Check. Great breakfast tacos and coffee next door? You got it.

May 18, 2009

Hamburger Bunburgers

It's amazing what you can find for a penny on eBay...behold '365 Ways To Cook Hamburger.' A few highlights are the 'Patio Burgers for 50 People,' and my favorite, 'Hamburger Bunburgers,' prominently featuring MSG as a main ingredient. The good 'ol days.

Green Olive Wins 2009 Design Awards

For the fifth year in a row, we've received Horizon Interactive Awards for our web design work. This year we received four awards for our design of the Richard Blais, McCrady's, One Flew South, and Buccaneer websites.

Tupelo Honey - It's Not All Created Equal

I am lucky enough to have great friends in this trade courtesy of my parents' upbringing in the Greenwood, Florida area (20 miles south of Dothan, AL). However, on the way to the beach, we would always stop and visit the Laniers in I know a thing or two about this stuff and sing its praises whenever and wherever the opportunity presents itself.

The Lanier family has been harvesting tupelo honey from hives in the Apalachicola River swamps since 1898. The late Mr. L.L. Lanier Jr and his wife Martha were good friends of our family (my maiden name is Willis, in case I have any relatives reading this needing a shout out). My cousins operate a nearly 150-year-old general store in Greenwood (Pender's Store), and the shelves have always been stocked with the handiwork of the Laniers.

My Dad took me out to the swamp road to visit the home of Mr. Lanier Jr in 2007, just a year shy of his passing. I remember the river/swamp cabin to be remarkably interesting, with taxidermy, homespun flowery linens, and just about the warmest hospitality I have ever come by. I also remember the honey...slow, sweet, on tea biscuits. Now, Ben Lanier & his wife Glynnis run the business. They are a bit closer in age to my folks and have been known to crash parties at the house...and then there was my sister's wedding... The generation is a bit younger, but the purchase process is still the same: leave cash by the honey stand on the back deck of the house and take what you pay for, honest.

From the blossoms of the tupelo gum tree, nyssa aquatica.

The tupelo gum tree grows in swampy areas in the south such as Florida, Louisiana, Georgia and Virginia, as well as along the Mississippi River, but tupelo honey is produced commercially in areas along the Choctawhatchee, Apalachicola and Ochlockonee rivers.

Tupelo honey made from the white tupelo gum tree, nyssa ogeche, is top quality table honey and is valued for its uniquely delicious flavor and its inability to granulate.

The process:
Bees are placed on elevated platforms along the river’s edge, and they fan out through the surrounding Tupelo trees in the swamps during April and May. This river valley is the only place in the world where Tupelo Honey is produced commercially.

"Real Tupelo honey is a light golden amber color with a greenish cast. The flavor is delicious, delicate and distinctive; a choice table grade honey. Good white tupelo, unmixed with other honeys, will not granulate, and due to this high fructose low glucose ratio some diabetic patients have been permitted by their physicians to eat Tupelo honey. Average analysis: fructose 44.03% glucose 29.98%." -- Glynnis

Glycemic Index 54.1 +/- 8.2
1 tbsp = 21 grams
3.59 grams water
17.30 grams carbohydrate
6.45 grams glucose
.19 grams sucrose
9.03 grams fructose
.30 grams maltose
.65 grams galactose
Calories 60

The Honey Is Famous on Film
In the spring of 1996, award-winning director Victor Nunez purchased a jar of Tupelo honey from the Lanier's stand in downtown Wewahitchka. He then drove to their house, explained that he was planning to make a movie about a beekeeper, and asked Ben and Glynnis to help. Before he knew it, Ben was teaching actor Peter Fonda how to handle bees, and Glynnis, L.L. and Martha were cast as extras.

L.L. Lanier & Son's Tupelo Honey
Since 1898
P.O. Box 706 - Wewahitchka, FL 32465
Phone or Fax: (850) 639-2371

May 16, 2009

Smoked Mac 'n Cheese

This was originally going to be just an excuse to post a mediocre picture of a totally awesome steak, but the two ramekins of mac and cheese in the background turned out to be the star of the show. Who needs an oven?

May 14, 2009

Clam Roll - Legal Sea Foods

I had every intention of getting a lobster roll for lunch today, but looking over the menu, got distracted by the fried clam roll. I think I made the right choice.

May 13, 2009

Design Inspired By Blue Note

A love of Blue Note record jackets, combined with a childhood spent in Nashville surrounded by the work of Hatch Show Print, are the two biggest reasons that I became a designer. Here's a cool article on record cover designs that took their cues from classic Blue Note artwork.

May 12, 2009

Yes We Can Cocktail

Chefs Collaborative “Yes We Can” campaign came to a close on Earth Day with the mailing of our letter to President and Mrs. Obama, restaurants around the country celebrated by serving “Yes We Can” cocktails.

The “Yes We Can” signature cocktail was developed by Bar Chef Adam Seger of Nacional 27 of Chicago, and Culinary Consultant Robin Schempp of Right Stuff Enterprises of Waterbury, Vermont.

Yes We Can Cocktail
This refreshing ginger-mint springtime cocktail is terrific with or without the rhubarb compote. Befitting of the Yes We Can Campaign, it is best served in a canning jar.

6 mint leaves
3/4 oz. ginger-infused, mint-infused or simple cane syrup*
3/4 oz. freshly squeezed lemon juice
2 tbsp. rhubarb compote (optional)**
3/4 oz. ginger liqueur or ginger brandy
1 1/2 oz. artisan bourbon
Garnish: 1 mint sprig and additional fruit as desired
Glass: canning jar (e.g., Ball or Mason jar)

Muddle the mint leaves, cane syrup and lemon juice in a mixing glass. Add rhubarb compote (if using), ginger liqueur and bourbon. Stir or shake, then strain into canning jar filled with crushed or shaved ice. Garnish with a sprig of mint additional fruit if desired.

*For Syrup: 1:1 ratio of cane sugar to water, steeped for at least one hour with ginger and/or mint, if desired.

**For Rhubarb Compote: 2 pounds rhubarb, rinsed, ends trimmed, and cut into 1/2-inch pieces, combined with 1 1/2 cups sugar and simmered until broken down but still rosy colored (makes about 1 qt.).

May 8, 2009

More Great Signage

Walter Nipper's Sporting Goods - Nashville, TN.

Restaurant Eugene Logo Redesign

We're working on a redesign for Restaurant Eugene...see below for the new logo. Keep your eyes open for more soon...

'Liquor Store' - New York, NY

It was first a liquor store in Tribeca...then a bar moved in. They were apparently too lazy to change the sign, so it became the Liquor Store Bar. After the bar shut down, J. Crew opened up shop here, and once again didn't bother to change the sign, or much of the interior. There's no indication from the outside that it's a clothing store...stop by if you're walking around the White Street / W. Broadway area.

Duck Tongue - Shanghai Cuisine, New York, NY

Duck tongues were OK, but the soup dumplings are the thing here:

May 5, 2009

Free Pie Day Atlanta!

On 3/14/2009 (Pi day) at 1:59 pm, a group of young graphic designers from all over the country, gathered in Belfast Maine and gave away free pie. They shared stories and laughter and united groups of all kinds, all while savoring slices from 35 different pies. Their message was unassuming and honest: Sometimes life is bad; free pie isn’t. The Free Pie Movement is founded on the idea that simple gestures, like giving away free pie, can unite communities and spread joy. Sweet or savory, fruit-filling or custard, graham crust or pastry, pie is a delicious provender enjoyed by all.

This pie movement is the outcome of John Bielenberg's latest Project M in Belfast, Maine. The next free pie day is right here in Atlanta on Saturday, May 16 from 2pm-3pm, and we are pretty pumped! Sign up here to join a neighborhood team and learn more. All you have to do is bake a pie and show up. After signing up with your number of pies, you will be contacted closer to the date with your team info and meeting place. This event is a great chance to get involved with your community and bring a little joy to your friends and neighbors!

Who doesn't like pie?

May 4, 2009

The Blogosphere is Taking Over - Stats on Blogging

Blogosphere Stats:
133,000,000 - number of blogs indexed by Technorati since 2002
346,000,000 - number of people globally who read blogs (comScore March 2008)
900,000 - average number of blog posts in a 24 hour period
1,750,000 - number of RSS subscribers
77% - percentage of active Internet users who read blogs
55% - percentage of the blogosphere that drinks more than 2 cups of coffee per day
81 - number of languages represented in the blogosphere
59% - percentage of bloggers who have been blogging for at least 2 years

May 1, 2009

Open For Business In Nashville

We've officially opened our new office in Nashville...we're at the 2550 Meridian Building in Cool Springs. Handling all of your hospitality and lifestyle branding needs...

Pork Belly - Capitol Grille - Nashville, TN

Early contender for pork dish of the year - Capitol Grille's pork belly:

Elliston Place Soda Shop - Nashville, TN

The oldest continuously-operating restaurant in Nashville. We'll even forgive them for getting the title of a George Jones song not-quite-right on the table-side jukebox.

Now That's A Sign

J&G Pizza And Steakhouse, Manchester, TN. Pizza was pretty good...we'll have to go back and try the steaks.