July 31, 2009

Street Sweets Truck - New York

Spotted this one yesterday in Midtown - great looking truck:

July 30, 2009

SweetWater is in the house...and that'd be the White House

The boys over at SweetWater win a gold star for product placement. Rumor has it that Obama's Suds Summitt 2009 features SweetWater Brewery's Georgia Brown.

Don't Miss the SFA Potlikker Film Fest on August 22 in Athens, GA

The Potlikker Film Fest is an opportunity to showcase SFA documentaries, alongside local food films, in all kinds of places. Each Potlikker Film Fest is infused with local flavor, but—in general—expect an evening with live music and short films, refreshing libations, and SFA snacks (including a potlikker shot with cornbread, handed as you walk in the door). Tickets for Potlikker events are SFA's most affordable; it’s a good way to meet the SFA, or introduce us to your friends and neighbors.

Click Here to purchase tickets. Print your receipt and bring it with you to the event. It's your ticket. Must be 21 to attend, as Potlikker Athens will offer music, films, SFA snacks, and cold beer. We're unable to offer refunds, but you can gift your ticket to a friend if plans change.

July 28, 2009

Pancho's Tacos - Los Angeles, CA

As a last meal in Los Angeles, we stopped at Pancho's for a final fish taco breakfast:

Viceroy Hotel - Santa Monica, CA

This is how you design a hotel...

Father's Office - Santa Monica, CA

The burger here lived up to the hype - second only to Minetta Tavern's on my 'Top Burgers So Far This Year' list, and they had Hitachino White Ale to boot:

Los Angeles Farmers' Market

We had every intention of going to the farmers' market and picking up some fruits and vegetables to counteract all of our burgers and fish tacos, but we never even got past the food court. Here's just a small sample of what's available:

Animal - Los Angeles, CA

Animal had to be the most fun place we visited while in L.A. - Jon Shook and Vinny Dotolo, two of this year's Food & Wine 'Best New Chefs' are cooking a great menu of pork-tastic food...

Poutine with oxtail gravy:

Pig ear with egg and chili:

BBQ pork belly sandwiches:

Anisette - Santa Monica, CA

So good we went here twice in two days. Beautiful space, great food & staff...

Beef tartare:


Hanger steak:

July 23, 2009

Roberto's Taco Shop - Mission Beach, CA

Roberto's is the clear winner so far in this week's fish taco quest. As a bonus, they're open 24 hours...these are great for breakfast...

Eating At Legoland

The Burger Castle at Legoland in Carlsbad serves a decent burger, but I was more impressed with the operations in the miniature Lego cities:

Chinese Restaurant in Lego Chinatown:

Hot dog cart in Lego DC:

Burger at Burger Castle:

Fish Tacos - Las Olas, Encinitas, CA

Here's the first of many fish tacos on this trek through southern California - at Las Olas in Encinitas:

The Greatest Building In Los Angeles

Randy's Donuts:

July 21, 2009

Pasadena Burgers

We hit a couple of Pasadena classics yesterday, Lucky Boy and Rick's. Rick's was the clear winner today.

Lucky Boy:


Restaurant 162 - Dana Point, CA

Foie gras brulee - a nice way to get some sweetness with your foie gras. The top was just like the top of a creme brulee:

Nice piece of salmon:

July 17, 2009

Beer-Battered Onion Rings

From a photo shoot at Rosebud...