November 30, 2007

Giant Chicken at Carver's

Today's lunch at Carver's Country Kitchen featured the biggest drumsticks I've ever least twice as big as normal legs. Therefore, twice as good. The photo below is only half of the food they gave me:

November 27, 2007


Though there was no turkey, Thanksgiving in Greece was fun.

Food stands in the Athens alleys:

Soul food?
Cafes and restaurants everywhere:

One chef and one waiter are all they need:

Butcher shop:

Lots of farms:

November 25, 2007

North Carolina

A few highlights from a Thanksgiving trip to North Carolina.

Pork sandwich at Dillsboro Smokehouse - curiously, the beef was better than the pork:

I thought Charles Chips had gone out of business in about 1978, but they're alive and well in Dillsboro:

And what Thanksgiving would be complete without a 24-oz can of Bud and Clamato ('the perfect combination!'):

November 15, 2007

Latest Green Olive Food Photography

We shot the delicious Japanese food at Kani House yesterday - here are a few of the photos:

November 13, 2007

James Beard Preview Dinner at Food 101

Tonight, the chefs from 101 Concepts gave us a preview of the menu that they're preparing at the James Beard House in New York on December 17 - here are a couple of photos. You need to join us in New York in December to get the full experience:

Squash Soup:

Pork Belly:

November 6, 2007

Samuel Smith Beer Dinner at Spotted Dog

Tonight was the first in the Spotted Dog's monthly Beer Dinner series. Samuel Smith beer was the main attraction, paired with a five-course dinner. No photos, thanks to my forgetting to bring a decent camera, or even a charged-up cell phone, but here's the menu:

Potted Shrimp / Organic Ale

Lentil Soup with Lamb Sausage / Winter Welcome Ale

Duck Leg, Sauerkraut & Ginger / Nut Brown Ale

Keen's Cheddar & Apples with Poppy Seeds / India Pale Ale

Cranberry Eton Mess & Meringue / Oatmeal Stout

Georgia Dome Hot Dogs

While loading up my hot dog at the Falcons (2-6!) game on Sunday, I noticed that the good people at the Georgia Dome have made up some posters instructing us on how to properly top our dogs. While I'll be sure to try the 'Dirty Bird Blitz' next week, it turns out I've been eating the 'Bootleg' for years without knowing it: