August 31, 2008

Grandma Broadbent's Sausage - Trigg County, KY

Today's haul at the market included a seriously smoky breakfast sausage from Grandma Broadbent in Cadiz, Kentucky. Packed in one of those cool cloth sacks:

August 28, 2008

Green Olive Wins HOW Design Award

Congrats to Alvin and Meggan on winning a 2008 Promotion Design Award from HOW Magazine for the Green Olive Media Identity package. See the work in the October issue of HOW.

August 27, 2008

Lo-Booze Brews

I'll vouch for the Magic Hat Wheat, but several of these other 'session beers' sound interesting:

Grind Your Own Flour at The Ferry Plaza Market

Let's hope this catches on:

August 24, 2008

Porter Wagoner - The Farmer

Imagine my surprise when I came across this one while digging through records at Nashville's Great Escape. Not only did Porter have the coolest suits of all time, he also found time to record concept albums about farmers.

August 19, 2008

Best Use Of 'Bacon Of The Month Club' Leftovers

One of the benefits of having a full kitchen in the office is that we have weekly staff lunches. After buying a few heirloom tomatoes, I remembered that we had several remnants from recent Bacon Of The Month club shipments, so today was BLT day. These had a mix of Benton's, Scott's and Swiss bacons, and we kept it real with cheap iceberg lettuce. With meats from Tennessee, Kentucky and Missouri, let's hope the locavore crowd doesn't hear about this global-warmin' sandwich.

August 14, 2008

The 2008 Vendys

Start making your plans now for the 2008 Vendy Awards - the annual smack-down to determine New York's best street food vendor. And this year it's in Dumbo.

Julia Child - Cook, Spy

Link here.

Croque Monsieur

Nice shot of the croque monsieur from the lunchtime bistro menu at JOEL.

August 13, 2008

Bacon Of The Month - August

Today's Bacon Of The Month club shipment came today - Swiss Meats Sugar Cured Cottage Bacon from Missouri. According to Grateful Palate: "Thin, crunchy, pork chop flavor. Fries nicely. Great beginning for a bacon-y pork sandwich with lots of fixings." We'll see...check back soon for a BLT report and photos.

Weiss Liquors Sign - Nashville, TN

Check out this neon goodness - notice the jug:

Restaurant Florent is "F ORENT"

advertisement: from restaurant website

photo: ekornblut on Flickr

photo: morbinear on Flickr

photo: eater_ny on Flickr

Sadly I've never been to Florent before it closed a month ago, as it seemed like it was possibly the greatest ever relationship between restuarant and designer. The menu looked pretty tasty, too.

Clever, pretty, unpretentious design -- there's a "Gallery" on the site that features all of their ads. Everything from window graphics to menus to other small details is simply amazing, a breath of fresh air in today's trend of overstuffed, overlogo'd, overbranded establishments (and I'm not even talking about chains).

Backstory: Tibor Kalman of M&Co. designed their identity and advertising and apparently Florent Morellet fed the crew four days a week for 8 years.
"Tibor and I hit it off very well; he was smart, and good at pushing me. For a restaurant my size the amount of advertising that was done was absurd. I was M&Co’s wild account and in return we fed them four days a week, from 1985 to 1993. Since then I’ve worked with other people but there has never been nothing like that relationship." —Florent Morellet


August 11, 2008

High-End Ice

Why not? Check out the article here:

"The average American buys four bags of packaged ice each year." Only four? Those people must not tailgate before SEC football games.

August 9, 2008

East Nashville Tomato Festival

This year's Tomato Festival seemed to be a success - I didn't bother to take any photos because I was too busy eating tomatoes and buying posters, but check 'em out:

Brown's Diner - Nashville, TN

We have to thank George Motz for the tip on this one - I've driven by here literally hundreds of times and never noticed it. It's basically a couple of trailers, has been in Nashville since the '20s, and apparently everybody in town knew about it except me.
I don't think it'll knock Rotier's out of our regular Nashville burger rotation, but it's a solid choice if you're around Hillsboro Village / Green Hills.