May 30, 2012

Logo Design - Proof And Provision - Atlanta, GA

Here's a bit of the design that we've been working on for Proof and Provision - a new bar and restaurant opening in the basement of Atlanta's Georgian Terrace Hotel. Images of signage, menus and website to come soon, but for now, here's the logo:

Krystal & White Castle

There's a corner in Nashville that has quite a curious duo of fast-food rivals - look closely at the picture below:

As far as I can tell, that's the southernmost White Castle location, right across from a Krystal. So we did what any sane person in the same position would do - taste them both side-by-side.

We'd really rather not choose a favorite, as they both have their own distinct charms, but we can whole-heartedly recommend constructing your own Krystal / White Castle double burger combo (White Castle on top, Krystal on the bottom):

May 17, 2012

Warren Bruno
Our friend, Warren Bruno, was an icon among the Atlanta restaurant community.
Personally, he served as an early mentor and advocate for my career.  He hired me to serve as his publicist some 14 years ago and from time to time brought me back into the fold to serve on his various community initiatives including helping change liquor legislation, raise awareness for Leukemia & Lymphoma, promote too many events and festivals to name and later, to help draft the mission and vision for Camden Commercial Real Estate.  He hired my friends to serve and manage in his restaurants, hired my interns to supplement their stipend.  While I was pregnant with Will, and had gained 60 pounds, he would still start every meeting by telling me that he thought I was beautiful.  Most importantly, he never failed to bust my chops when he felt I was making a misstep.  When I got the call yesterday from his old GM and my best friend, I was in Durham, NC and couldn't fully process the news.  He had been down so many times before and always bounced back by riding some 100 miles seemingly the next day on his bike. 
Warren Bruno created some of Atlanta’s favorite neighborhood restaurants. In the past 30 years, Bruno owned and operated 13 restaurants in the community, including Aunt Charley’s, Groundhog Tavern, Atkins Park Tavern, Ormsby's, and Phoenix Brewing Company (now 5 Seasons Brewing). An owner/operator himself, Bruno worked with many of our clients and friends over the past decade to identify great restaurant space opportunities and served as a mentor for their operations. 
Bruno served on the Morningside Elementary Local School Council, and the Inman Middle School Technology Foundation. Additionally, he worked with committees for governmental issues such as the City of Atlanta Commercial Areas and Public Safety Task Force, and was a member of the City of Atlanta License Review Board. He co-founded and served as president of the Virginia Highland Business Association, the Buckhead Village Merchants, and co-founded the Alcohol License Beverage Council (ALBC). He was a member of the Georgia Restaurant Association and the International Council of Shopping Centers. Bruno was awarded the Aaron Gross Community Citizen Award by the Virginia Highland Civic Association.
Bruno battled non-Hodgkin lymphoma for the last 10 years and spent much of that time raising awareness for a cure through his rides with The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society's annual events.
We had the honor of working with Warren for many years on various initiatives and on his restaurants.  My last memory of Warren was at our home two years ago.  The cancer was in remission and he, Sandra, his amazing wife, and longtime partner, Kevin Drawe, were in high spirits celebrating their General Manager, Melissa Poss Wall's upcoming wedding.  Warren was full of life. 
Our prayers go out to his loving wife, Sandra, and their four beautiful children, Partner Kevin Drawe, Chef Andrew Smith, former partner and Chef Rusty Hamlin, and the many staff who have passed through the doors.
- Elizabeth

May 15, 2012

Website Design - Bergmeyer Associates, Boston, MA

We've finished the redesign of the website for Bergmeyer Associates, an architecture firm located in Boston, MA:

Texas Eats Cookbook

Shout out to our pal Robb Walsh for his latest book - Texas Eats. While nothing can top his Tex-Mex Cookbook (my favorite book of all time), this one is a worthy addition to the list of his fantastic books.

May 9, 2012

Austin Food & Wine Festival

Rather than post a recap of our experience at the Austin Food & Wine Festival with pictures of Morimoto and food trucks, how about what everyone really wants to see from the fest - Frito Pies and recipes for cocktails made with St. Germain and Tito's Vodka?

Another Central Texas BBQ Tour

During the Austin Food & Wine Festival, we managed to make our way down to Lockhart, TX for breakfast early one day. Since the BBQ places in Lockhart open as early as 7:00am, we knew our breakfast would consist of brisket, sausages and ribs. First up - Smitty's:

 Next up - Black's. Note that the rib bone is bigger than the plate:

Finally, we braved the line at the J Mueller trailer back in Austin. The bites of fatty brisket on the left that they gave us as a sample might have been the BBQ highlight of the day.

Green Olive Media Wins Seven Horizon Interactive Awards

We're excited to announce that we won seven Horizon Interactive Awards for our website design for:
Seed Kitchen & Bar (Marietta, GA)
Cibo E Beve restaurant (Atlanta, GA)
Romaine's restaurant (Boston, MA)
Bocado restaurant (Atlanta, GA)
Parlor Market restaurant (Jackson, MS)
Goo Goo Cluster (Nashville, TN)
Capital City Package Store (Atlanta, GA)

May 2, 2012

Moonlite Bar-B-Q Inn - Owensboro, KY

Where else are you going to go for mutton BBQ but the legendary Moonlite in Owensboro? We augmented our plate with a little chopped beef and pulled pork for good measure.

Peak Bros. BBQ - Waverly, KY

The signage for Peak Bros. BBQ in Waverly, KY, supplier of hams and barbecue for countless family get-togethers over the years for Jeff's family in Kentucky:

Culver's Butter Burger

We have a new burger to add to our list of favorites, just in time to kick off National Burger Month. Check out the Culver's Butter Burger, with a side of cheese curds and a maple pecan shake...