May 23, 2009

The Oyster Bar - Dothan, AL

We never found out if they actually serve oysters at The Oyster Bar. Walking in, we sat down at the counter, only to find every one of the patrons having chili dogs. There were no menus in sight, so when the lady just asked us 'what would you like,' we did the smart thing and ordered a round of dogs. If they're good enough for 'Chris Watson,' so be it...


Beth said...

Ahahahahhahahah first of all, what were you doing in Dothan?

To answer your question, yes, they do serve oysters. You should order the hot dog (all the way) with a dozen oysters and a coke. The cheeseburgers are good, too, but nothing can beat the hot dog.

This place is also known as "Ann's". In high school, my friend and I skipped school just for lunch and ate here almost every day. I am now 34 and live in New York, and when my mom stops in, Ann gives her a care package to send to me...frozen chili and red hot dogs. I was so excited to see this post. :)

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