February 3, 2014

Team Hidi 2.0

Team Hidi is not a function, party, or even an event—it is unlike anything Atlanta has ever experienced. The restaurant industry is one of the most (if not the most) competitive businesses that exists.
Last year, when we all came together for the Hidingers, for Ryan, for The Giving Kitchen, everyone was in awe of how all of these amazing people, chefs, and restaurants could be in the same room for any reason. It was the best party the city had ever seen, and we just happened to raise a lot of money as well.
This year, with Ryan’s passing a little over a week prior, there was more of a somber mood in the air—this year, it had much more meaning. Hearing Jen, his wife, speak after the video that could only be described as perfect, was difficult to say the least.

Special shout out to GOM family and friends who helped make the event so special:
BoccaLupo, Canoe, Fox Bros. BBQ, H. Harper Station, Holeman and Finch Public House,
One Eared Stag, Rosebud, Seven Lamps, Taqueria del Sol, and SweetWater for all of the support. We look forward to the opening of Staplehouse in the spring and what it will do for the Atlanta restaurant community.
and a big thanks to Erica with Letter B Photography for the images

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Anonymous said...

How moving and heart wrenching but how joyful at the same time. I did some very small volunteer work for Team Hidi as I had followed Prelude to Staplehouse since it's genesis. Ryan and Jen are some of the most wonderful loving souls I've ever met. I had tickets for the King Plow Arts Center but was unable to attend. Much love to all of Team Hidi and especially to the sweet heart Jen. See you at Staplehouse as soon as I can.