January 18, 2010

Jeff's Best Meals Of 2009

Warning - bad iPhone photos below...

Le Bernardin - New York, NY
I can't add anything to what everybody already knows about this place, but here's what I ate:
- Salmon Rillette
- Ultra Rare Scorched Scallop with Garlic Chive-Goat's Milk Butter Emulsion
- Crispy Black Bass, Braised Celery and Parsnip Custard, Iberico Ham, Green Peppercorn Sauce

Minetta Tavern - New York, NY
This one crossed over from our best burgers of '09 list.
Pancho's Tacos - Los Angeles, CA
Any breakfast that includes fish tacos and cheese enchiladas is going to make my 'best of' list.

DBGB - New York, NY
See here for a complete rundown of our meal that clocked in at around 30 courses...

Cochon & Cochon Butcher - New Orleans, LA
We made it to these places four times in four days. See here...
Marea - New York, NY
I'm not sure if I've seen a 'best-of' list recently that didn't include Marea. I'm on the bandwagon. Fresh cut semolina pasta, crab, Santa Barbara sea urchin, basil:
Commander's Palace - New Orleans, LA
Super old-school. Garlic bread, turtle soup, crispy gulf fish, pureed potatoes...

Peter Luger - Brooklyn, NY
Fun experience, great steak, cool waiters. Everything I hoped it would be.

Sake Bar Hagi - New York, NY
One of my new favorites in New York. There's nothing better than heading down to this basement space sometime after midnight, ordering a mug of Sapporo, and just pointing at things on the menu. To wit: fried squid beaks.