January 13, 2010

Branching Out

With so many of our favorite places in close proximity to Green Olive Media Atlanta's office (Taqueria del Sol anyone?), we sometimes forget that there are new / different places that we need to check out so we don't get too far into a rut. I made an attempt last week to have lunch at places I've never been to before. The results:

Monday - Roy's Cheesesteaks
I'd heard a lot about this place having 'authentic Amoroso rolls imported from Philly,' Tastykakes, and of course, Cheez Whiz. While my only experience with a cheeseteak in Philadelphia was in the airport there last week (not recommended), I'd guess that this one was pretty authentic.

Tuesday - Hankook Taqueria
With the popularity of Kogi, it was only a matter of time before the Korean/Mexican trend hit Atlanta. I was thoroughly impressed with Hankook...even the tofu taco was good.

Wednesday - Key West Seafood Market
I assume this place on Howell Mill Rd. is new; at least I'd never noticed it before until I spotted the boat sitting in the parking lot. Shrimp sandwich:
Thursday - Silver Skillet
I cheated a bit on this one, as I've had more breakfasts here than I can count, but had never been for lunch. They have your basic meat-and-three type of menu, but I've always wondered if they could make a good burger. They can:
Friday - Taqueria del Sol
No, I couldn't make it for an entire week without a meal at Taqueria del Sol. Sue me. Fried chicken and fish tacos: