June 17, 2009

Gardening for Dummies

You know how there are some people out there who are language people? They can learn an entire foreign language in the time it takes most of us the learn 'hello.' Well it's kind of the same thing with people who garden. There are people with green thumbs and those without. I'm without.

I remember watching my mother and grandmother watering their plants or tending to their garden and thinking to myself "there is no way that I'll ever be able to do that." Well, today I learned there was hope for people like me!

The latest in gardening technology has just solved my gardening troubles. The just add water, Aquaponics method is the solution for us non-green thumbs. This ingenious farming method combines aquaculture with hydroponics so that anyone can manage the plants.

The "Farm in a Box" was created by Earth Solutions right here in Atlanta. And, get this, Home Depot will be carrying them online in the next couple of weeks! Check it out, I know I will.

-- Elizabeth Reynolds