June 10, 2009

Fully Exposed

Got plans next Friday? On June 19th Midtown Art Cinemas will present a film that will enlighten you and increase your power as a consumer. Food, Inc. is a film that describes the rapid changes in the food industry and harsh truths about products.

The film argues that, within the last 50 years, the food industry has changed more than in the previous 10,000. Products are chemically enhanced and altered which, ultimately, leads to a slower breakdown of nutrients. This is a major cause of serious health conditions. As technology has evolved, farmers have found ways to speed up the growth process of livestock. The healthy growth rate, what would normally take three months, farmers have learned to do in 49 days.

This film exposes not only gross facts related to the food industry, but, it also challenges government authority. The government has overstepped their boundaries by protecting behind the scene images that would change consumers mindset about products.

Food, Inc. educates modern America on health issues related to food production and teaches them to make well versed decisions. This movement has the potential to allow consumers to gain control of the markets.

Join the fight today, you deserve to know what you're eating! View the trailer below.