March 26, 2009

The Official Release....Garden & Gun Transitions to New Ownership

From the horse's mouth:

Garden & Gun Transitions to New Ownership

Current Management Acquires the Magazine

March 18, 2009 (CHARLESTON, SC) - Indigo Acquisition LLC announces that, effective
March 1, 2009, it has become the owner of Garden & Gun Magazine, having purchased a
majority interest from founding publisher, Evening Post Publishing Company. Indigo
Acquisition will now oversee all aspects of the business.

Indigo Acquisition LLC is a newly formed company of which Rebecca Darwin and Pierre
Manigault are the founding partners. Together, these two have been driving the vision for
Garden & Gun Magazine since before the launch of the first issue in Spring 2007.
“When, at the end of 2008, we learned that Evening Post Publishing Company would not
continue to fund Garden & Gun Magazine, Pierre and I explored a variety of options. We
were determined to keep the magazine in Charleston and to keep the special dynamics of the
team we had put in place in tact, and we’re thrilled with this resolution,” stated Rebecca
Darwin, President of Indigo Acquisition and Publisher of Garden & Gun.

Pierre Manigault agreed, saying, “As Chairman of Evening Post Publishing Company and a
member of Indigo Acquisition, I am particularly pleased that the magazine will continue to
operate in much the same way as before and that Evening Post will retain a passive stake in
the business. It’s the best outcome for both companies, and we all look forward to the
continued success and evolution of the Garden & Gun brand.”
John Barnwell, CEO of Evening Post Publishing Company, added, “We are proud to have
been an integral part of Garden & Gun’s start up, and we’re delighted that it is now moving
forward under this new structure.”

The April/May 2009 issue, which marks the magazine’s second anniversary, will be mailed to
more than 160,000 paid subscribers in early April. With a total circulation of 220,000 and
distribution in all fifty states, circulation has grown 130% since the premier issue in Spring
2007 and advertising is trending up. “With this kind of vitality story and the particular
passion of our readers, we are confident that Garden & Gun is positioned for growth,”
concludes Darwin.

With a lively mix of sporting culture, food, music, art, and travel, Garden & Gun has turned
the old formula for Southern magazines upside down. In its first year of publication, Garden
& Gun won a flourish of accolades, including three ADDY awards and eight GAMMA
awards. It was named the nation’s second-hottest magazine launch in 2007 by MIN Magazine
and Dr. Samir Husni and was recognized as having the top editorial team. For more
information about Garden & Gun, please visit