February 5, 2009

Straight From the Farm

A growing number of chefs concerned with serving the freshest possible produce also are cultivating diners’ palates by holding meals at the immediate source of many of their ingredients: a farm. Their motivation, they say, is to emphasize the importance of local, just-picked ingredients while simultaneously promoting their restaurants to patrons who want to experience food at the peak of its freshness.

--- Pamela Parseghian from Nation’s Restaurant News

Check out Local 11 Ten in Savannah. www.local11ten.com

The restaurant just hosted a farm-to-table dinner with Daron “Farmer D” Joffe. With a keen ambition for the advocacy of sustainable agriculture, Joffe raises awareness of ecologically-friendly farming techniques and environmental stewardship. With the December 2008 opening of the Farmer D Organics Garden Center, located on Briarcliff Road in Atlanta, residents across Georgia and neighboring states have more access to his “compost and worm bins, organic fertilizers, herbicides, pesticides, seeds and plants, eco-friendly pots, quality tools for adults and kids, raised wooden beds, bulk soil, drip irrigation supplies, organic chicken feed and supplies, garden carts and more.” For more information log onto www.farmerd.com.