September 16, 2007

Star Chefs Congress

We're in New York for the Star Chefs Congress, and are managing to eat well. So far:

Spotted Pig: chicken liver mousse, roll mops, duck eggs, pickle pot, burger, beef hash, smoked haddock chowder
Fatty Crab: tea sandwiches, pork buns (2 kinds), pork ribs, chicken wings, quail egg shooters, PBR
Momofuku: whole pork butt, pork buns, Owl Beer Hefeweizens
Chickalicious: various desserts
Blue Ribbon: manchego & honey toasts, tons of deviled eggs
Ray's Pizza: cheese pizza, pepperoni & bacon pizza

Fatty Crab quail egg shooters:

Owl beer hefeweizen at Momofuku: