August 9, 2007

About peas...

We had our second lunch in four days today at J.C.T. Kitchen. We frequently hold our lunch "meetings" at J.C.T. as Chef Ford Fry provides the necessary essentials:

He serves Benton's.
He has a solid burger (now with a fried egg on top).
He pours a mean mango sweet tea for the caffeine-fueled family.

On the agenda this afternoon was a somewhat spirited debate on the definition of field peas...IS Ford serving field peas, lady peas or white acre peas? I call them white acre peas. Ford says that pretty much anything it seems is a damn field pea. We say he is from Texas and we must excuse his ignorance on such matters.

Try the burger. See you tomorrow Ford.


Ford said...

See the photo of Frank Stitt's Lady Peas! YES Lady Peas! Did you say you were from Florida??? :-) See you tomorrow Elizabeth.

Ford said...

Add /chef.shtml to the above link