May 3, 2010

Nashville Flood

Just checked in with our Franklin and Nashville clients -- my husband / partner / best friend Jeff's parents were in Atlanta this weekend for our son's birthday so we don't have the birds' eye view this morning -- relying on guys in Nashville via text and tweet...

Follow this man on Twitter -- he is amazing at keeping us informed through pictures:

Nashville -- Monday Morning -- 2nd Avenue
(photos via Jim Cantore)

Déjà vu from last year when Canoe Restaurant flooded in Atlanta.
Canoe flooded on September 21, 2009 and reopened November 23, 2009. The owners spent nearly $800k on the clean up which included the gardens, payroll, restaurant, bar, wine inventory - you name it... Carvel, Vince, Laurie, Matt, Jennifer, and publicist Kempten, Ron worked ridiculously hard to bring the iconic Atlanta restaurant back to life -- I saw the magic of our industry before my eyes - from my good friend writer John Kessler's (Atlanta Journal - Constitution) support in the papers to the purveyors who generously helped stock the pantries.