May 30, 2008

Petunia's Silver Jalapeno - Chattanooga, TN

Had the second of two great burgers this week (the first was at George's Bar in Atlanta) - served out of an Airstream trailer in Chattanooga. At Petunia's Silver Jalapeno, place your order with one of the ultra-friendly ladies in the trailer, and a guy out back grills your burger on what looks like a standard-issue backyard grill. Seems that we finally found a burger in Chattanooga that beats Central Park.


Pork sandwich:


Robert H. said...

I can attest to the wonderful food at Petunia's, and I've yet to have anything that wasn't excellent. Also, their "Pork Butt Sandwich" is the best barbecue sandwich I've ever eaten - anywhere! It's dangerously delicious.

Marc and Michel said...

Ms. Petunia,
We met you at the Art Show at Chuck's on Sunday, 4/17 and you served us some of your wonderful pulled pork sandwiches. They were by far the best BBQ we've had in long, long time. We're looking forward to visiting Chattanooga again soon and stopping by the silver bullet for some more great southern cuisine.
Marc and Michel - from Atlanta

Anonymous said...

Just had the fish tacos from the new location in Warehouse Row. They were outstanding. I'm very happy to have this place so close to my office. Larry O