May 9, 2008

Endangered Foods

Endangered Foods: We recently covered the trend of adventure or "extreme" eating , and it now seems that eating strange and unusual plants and animals might actually prove to be a positive environmental experience; at least, that's what Gary Paul Nabhan thinks. His new book, Renewing America's Food Traditions: Saving and Savoring the Continent's Most Endangered Foods, is four years' worth of traveling, research, and collaborations with chefs, foodies, farmers, and a variety of food-centric organizations. Ninety-three "ingredients", and recipes along with them, are covered, some known (the Buckeye chicken), some completely unknown (Ny'pa, a salt grass). While we may not be familiar with the seemingly strange foods now, all were once prevalent in American kitchens, and many feel that if we start demanding them in our menus, we may be able to save them.

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