February 10, 2016

We Support Shepherd's Men!

Green Olive Media is proud to take on Shepherd’s Men, a fundraising organization that supports the SHARE military initiative at Atlanta’s renowned Shepherd Center. The SHARE initiative treats recent combat veterans who may have suffered repeated concussions or other physical brain injuries – injuries that can fuel PTSD. Through the program, veterans address any physical trauma they’ve suffered as well as psychological counseling and other PTSD treatments.

Elizabeth, Jeff and many staff members have deep ties to the military, a force that guided Green Olive Media’s choice to support Shepherd’s Men in their main fundraising effort: a 1,300 mile run through 10 cities from March 26 – April 3. Each of the 14 Shepherd’s Men will help complete the total mileage of this run while wearing a 22 pound flak jacket; they will also each run at least 22 kilometers per day. The number 22 symbolizes the military veteran lives lost on a daily basis to suicide. The group will make stops in cities large and small up and down the East Coast, meeting with local veterans’ groups and introducing the SHARE initiative to civilians. The Shepherd’s Men will make stops in the following cities:

-        Boston, Massachusetts
-        Newport, Rhode Island
-        New York, New York
-        Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
-        Lynchburg, Virginia
-        Knoxville, Tennessee
-        Nashville, Tennessee
-        Chattanooga, Tennessee
-        Athens, Georgia
-        Atlanta, Georgia

If you’re a Green Olive Media client, partner or friend in one of the above cities, we hope you will join us in supporting the Shepherd’s Men as they complete their run! You can donate to the SHARE initiative and learn more about the Shepherd’s Men here.

Vital Facts:
Who: Shepherd’s Men fundraising group
What: SHARE Military Initiative at Atlanta’s Shepherd Center
When: March 26 – April 3, 2016
Where: 10 cities on the east coast
Why: To provide funds for the 100% donor-supported SHARE initiative treating combat veterans
How: Donate money to SHARE, donate event-related items to Shepherd’s Men
-        Hotel rooms for Shepherd’s Men in above cities
-        Running shoes and gear
-        Snacks, food, supplements for runners
-        Event space in above cities
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