November 18, 2014

James Beard House Dinners

The partners at Green Olive Media have been members of the James Beard Foundation for nearly 20 years.  The Foundation is a nonprofit organization that is dedicated to celebrating, nurturing and preserving America’s diverse culinary heritage and future. It was started in 1986 by Peter Kump, a former student of James Beard and founder of the Institute of Culinary Education. At Julia Child's suggestion, Kump purchased Beard's New York brownstone at 167 West 12th Street in Greenwich Village, and preserved it as a gathering place where the general public and press can appreciate the talents of established and emerging chefs.

Over the years we have made a great friend in Izabela Wojcik, the Director of House Programming for the James Beard Foundation.  Izabela oversees more than 250 special events held at the historic James Beard House, which features chefs, pastry chefs and winemakers from across the United States and beyond.  She is the ultimate trendsetter for our industry.  When a great story needs to be told, oftentimes we begin a conversation with Izabela in hopes that we can book a chef to cook at the Beard House.  An invitation to cook at the House is a great honor – many chefs think of the House as the grandest stage in the business.

How it works…recommendations for potential chefs can come from various sources: other chefs, JBF members, staff, volunteer program committee members, etc…. We only nominate chefs we feel have a significant story to tell; chefs we believe are worth knowing and are on their way to greatness.

To give you a little backgrounder into some of the dinners we have pitched and planned over the years, take a look below. We look forward to many more years of working the Izabela and her team.

James Beard Dinners

Drew Van Leuvan – February 18, 2015   
Anthony Gray    * - December 18, 2014                                                                   

Duane Nutter    - April 16, 2014                                                

Ron Eyester – February 17, 2012

Brandon Frohne – November 28, 2013

Linda Harrell + Justin Keith + Ron Eyester + Christopher "Chappy" Chappell, Jr. - December 17, 2007

Jonathan and Justin Fox – June 6, 2014

Shaun Doty – February 3, 2010

Carvel Grant Gould – May 14, 2009

Sean Brock - January 16, 2008

Hugh Acheson + Jason Alley + Ford Fry + Linton Hopkins + Angie Mosier – August 23, 2007

Joel Antunes + Nicolas Bour + Shaun Doty + Lien Schoe – November 16, 2004