July 5, 2011

On The Boudin Trail With The Southern Foodways Alliance

We recently spent a couple of days in Louisiana with our friends from the Southern Foodways Alliance. A few of the many highlights are below.

Dinner at Cochon, New Orleans:
Thanks to Stephen Stryjewski and Donald Link for the dinner below, and for having Paul Prudhomme come by and chat for a while:
After a quick stay in New Orleans, it was off to explore the boudin trail. First stop was Bergeron's meat market in Port Allen, LA for boudin links, crawfish pies, meat pies and jerky:

Then it was on to the Mowata Store for more boudin, courtesy of Bubba Frey:
Dinner was at Hawk's for huge plates of crawfish. For those that have never been here's it's as if they tried to make sure nobody can find the place. We've never been to a more out-of-the-way restaurant.

Can't remember if this is Spuds McKenzie or Alex from Stroh's:
A plate lunch, featuring smothered rabbit, smothered cabbage, smothered okra, and rice & gravy:

A small-town bar in Eunice, LA - we met up with Donald and Stephen from Cochon again and proceeded to spend a good $20 on the jukebox:
And the final destination, Best Stop, for fried boudin balls and cracklins: