March 8, 2011

5-Piece Chicken Dinner by The Beastie Boys is Inspiring Me

Last month Jeff posted about the Fat Boys from his ever-expanding vinyl "investment" collection. As chance would have it, we are working on restaurant design that is inspired by music + food.
Just finished debating what is "Old Skool Rap" versus "Southern Rap" versus "West Coast" (what can I say - we live in Atlanta). I don't know a lot about rap. Had a cat once named Whodini (note the spelling) - but that was in the 7th grade and "Five Minutes of Funk" was popular.

The Brain Trust: Kempten (doesn't surprise me about her knowledge) & Katherine (out of freaking left field - she is a bonafide preppy Harpeth Hall girl from Nashville) - and then there is the master -- Meggan Talley (also my spellchecker).

"So rap is all about where you are from -- kind of like food," Katherine pulls out of nowhere.
"Outcast, Ludacris, T.I., Goodie Mob (Atlanta), Lil' Wayne and Juvenile (NOLA), Three Six Mafia (Memphis), Nelly (St. Louis) -- and then there's Brooklyn (Jay Z, Beastie Boys)...Staten Island's Wu Tang Clan..."
This was certainly not covered in their interviews and is a knowledge base that I had no idea would ever come into my world...