January 21, 2021

Green Olive's Top 30 Meals Of 2020

With travel nearly non-existent in 2020, this year's list is almost completely New York-focused, aside from a quick trip to Rome early in the year, and a couple of standouts from a drive through Mississippi. We still managed to eat well, however:

Fiaschetteria Pistoia - West Village, NYC
Cacio e pepe

Village Square Pizza - West Village, NYC
Pepperoni square

Dame - Greenwich Village, NYC
Fish & chips

The Beatrice Inn - West Village, NYC
40-day dry-aged burger

Mama's Too - Upper West Side, NYC
Pepperoni square

Petite Boucherie - Greenwich Village, NYC
Mussels & frites

Fanelli Cafe - Soho, NYC
Cocktails on the sidewalk

La Botte Antica - Rome, Italy
Spaghetti alla carbonara

Undisclosed Location - Mississippi, USA
The proprietors here run a "burger speakeasy" of sorts - if you can find it, we recommend the burger with cheddar & griddled onions

Shake Shack - Madison Square Park, NYC
Black truffle burger

Cozy Soup & Burger - Astor Place, NYC
"Sampler platter" - mozzarella sticks, wings, fingers, curly fries

The Breslin - Nomad, NYC
Double lamb burger

Speedy Romeo - Lower East Side, NYC
Pepperoni slice with truffle ranch

Pizzeria da Baffetto - Rome, Italy
A whole bunch of pizzas

Minetta Tavern - Greenwich Village, NYC

Da Tonino - Rome, Italy
Cacio e pepe

Mimi Cheng's - East Village, NYC
Cacio e pepe dumplings

Olio e Piu - Greenwich Village, NYC
Spaghetti carbonara

The Doughnut Project - West Village, NYC
Old fashioned doughnut

Via Carota - West Village, NYC
Any and all vegetables

Beebe's - Long Island City, NYC
Pepperoni pie

Burger Slide pop-up - Williamsburg, Brooklyn
Courtesy of burger man George Motz

Pizza Mercato - Greenwich Village, NYC
The best under-the-radar slices in the city

Eggs - Rome, Italy
Truffled eggs

Antica Salumeria - Rome, Italy
Charcuterie & cheese

Mary's Fish Camp - West Village, NYC
Crab gratin

Honey Bunny's Chicken - Lower East Side, NYC
Pop-up chicken biscuits at Ray's Bar

Bozo's Seafood Market - Pascagoula, Mississippi
Captain's platter

Corner Bistro - West Village, NYC
Bacon cheeseburger

Quality Bistro - Midtown West, NYC
Detroit Tarte Flambee

January 9, 2020

Green Olive's Top 40 Meals & Drinks Of 2019

Let's just call 2019 the Year Of The Pepperoni Cup...so many worthy newcomers to the list. While we lost a couple of New York classics (Barbuto, The John Dory), we also gained a couple of new ones (Red Hook Tavern, The Jones). And we got to witness the return of Pastis after a five-year wait...

Village Square Pizza - New York, NY
A new favorite in the East Village for square slices

Matt's El Rancho - Austin, Texas
Chicken fried steak & #queso

Mister Paradise - New York, NY
Cocktails. All of 'em

Bar Bill Tavern - East Aurora, NY
Best wings in Buffalo? They're in the running

The Jones - New York, NY
A worthy successor to the much-missed Great Jones Cafe. Filet o' Fish is a must

Taco Jalisco - San Antonio, TX
The best bean & cheese taco in all of Texas (breakfast of kings)

Lions & Tigers & Squares - New York, NY
Thankful for a new East Village location slinging Detroit-style square pies

Hogs For The Cause Festival - New Orleans, Louisiana
"Seven-Pig Chili" from team PIG STAR

Quality Eats - New York, NY
The "make your own cheesesteak" platter is our new favorite here

Franklin Barbecue - Austin, Texas
Yes, worth the wait -

Red Hook Tavern - New York, NY
Ordering the burger on opening night, we knew this would be an instant classic

"Foxeria del Sol" - Atlanta, GA
One of our favorite things in the world is when Fox Bros BBQ and Taqueria del Sol team up for an epic brunch. This one did not disappoint

Barbuto - New York, NY
One last roast chicken on Barbuto's final day of service...although we hear they may come back in a new location...

Hogfish Bar & Grill - Key West, Florida
The legendary hogfish sandwich

Jeffrey's Grocery - New York, NY
We're partial to the 'Lana Cel Ray' cocktail - made with Dr. Brown's celery soda

Imperial Pizza - Buffalo, NY
In a year when we sampled several of Buffalo's pizzerias, this one stood out over all the others

Momufuku Nishi - New York, NY
A standout on the pasta tasting menu was the 'ceci e pepe' made with chickpea paste

Brandi's World Famous Hot Dogs - Marietta, Georgia
Chili cheese slaw dog & rings for the win

Made In New York Pizza - New York, NY
Another new favorite square slice. We can hardly keep up with the #Squarepocalypse

The Waverly Local - Waverly, Alabama
Definitely best burger in Waverly; likely best burger in Alabama

Frank Pepe Pizzeria Napoletana - New Haven, Connecticut
There's magic in that coal oven

Violet - New York, NY
These fried crab claws were on special. We vote they get a permanent spot on the menu

Olamaie - Austin, Texas
Hush puppies with Benton's country ham and onion dip

Minetta Tavern - New York, NY
Have we ever eaten here and not ordered the Black Label Burger? Not likely

J&G Pizza & Steakhouse - Manchester, Tennessee
What a find. One of the best pizzas this year

The John Dory - New York, NY
Another loss for New York, we said goodbye to the John Dory on their last day of service with oysters and about 50 of those Parker House rolls. Definitely missed...

Wiechec's Lounge - Buffalo, NY

Stiletto's Slice Shop - New York, NY
A slice shop within another pizzeria...we'll take this one with pepperoni cups and truffle ranch every time

Ocean Grill - Vero Beach, Florida
Old-style dining & cocktails since 1941? We're in

Saxon & Parole - New York, NY
Mint Juleps at their Kentucky Derby party are a can't-miss

Doe's Eat Place - Greenville, Mississippi
That grease or sauce or whatever ought to be served with every steak in America

Emmett's - New York, NY
Definitely an all-time favorite: Chicago-style deep dish with a Detroit-style crust in SoHo

Gray's Papaya - New York, NY
The 'Recession Special' - two dogs and a papaya juice for $3.50 - still the best deal in New York?

In-n-Out Burger - San Antonio, Texas
Animal-style fries are a must

Pastis - New York, NY
We made it our business to get here on re-opening day after a five-year hiatus for steak frites

Faicco's Italian Specialties - New York, NY
Chicken cutlet sandwich w/ mozzaerlla & pesto. Trust us

Bozo's Seafood Market - Pascagoula, Mississippi
The "combo platter" with shrimp, catfish, oysters & crab claws is the only acceptable order here

Upside Pizza - New York, NY
A reason to visit the Times Square area

Pearl Oyster Bar - New York, NY
Lunchtime oysters is the best lunch

Fedora - New York, NY
We jumped at the chance to have some of Wylie Dufresne's much-missed cooking for two nights only in June for the wd~50 / Fedora collaboration

Hall - New York, NY